WEBSITES - Layout Ideas

Website Layout

The above is a three section layout, as this website is. This is probably one of the most common and practical layouts. The middle section remains a fixed width, but remains central no matter what screen size is used.

Website Layout

Above is whole screen layout. The website page content stretches depending on the size of the monitor.


The following 3d buttons come standard with my websites

Grey button Grey button Lime button Green button Blue button Brown button Pink button Red button Yellow button


The following banners come as a standard banner on my websites.

Website Layout


Given some ideas of what you would like, I also can also design a logo for you should you require one. The Rightforu Pty Ltd logo is at the top of the advertisement to your left.


My standard websites come with a plain background. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to backgrounds. Several patterns are displayed on this website, each page has a different background.