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Hi, I'm Gordon and I design and develop websites with a "wow" factor. If you'd like a website, please contact me.

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Benefits of a website

  • Understand who is interested in your business.
  • Know the demographics of your business catchment. Are you really local, or is there international interest?
  • Can you develop markets that you didn't even know you had?
  • A website can open up new communications corridors with your customers.
  • By how much do you estimate your sales turn-over would increase?
  • Knowing your catchment demographics empowers you to target your advertising, not only to your catchment but also on a far more product or service specific basis.
  • A website permits you to conduct litmus tests very cheaply.


A picture tells a thousand words. Imagine displaying your business to the world.

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Have you noticed the size of the Yellow pages recently? They grew from one volume to two and then thicker. They're considerably thinner now. The Yellow pages are now on-line because that is where people are looking. From the on-line Yellow pages, customers either ring you or look for a link to your website so that they can learn more about your business. Customers are now also using search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find you.

If you don't have a website, what impression does that leave on a prospective customer? Would you contact the business with an informative website and full contact details, or one that simply has an address and phone number?