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.: consulting and development services

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With 30 years of experience working with a variety of industries and a wide range of systems, we are able to offer specialized services for some of the significant problems faced by small to mega retailers.

Our CEO (Mr Gordon Pikes) has been the Chief Financial Officer of a number of companies and groups, operating within the insurance, mining, engineering and retail sectors. He is a graduate of Monash University's course in Advanced Retail Management and is a registered agent of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

.: inventory control and stock loss

Your inventory may be your biggest asset, or one of your largest. Managing it correctly can be the difference between running a succesful operation or facing disaster. Does your inventory module balance to your general ledger control account? Are your stock losses higher than you would have expected? We are adept at identifying factors that result in the loss of stock. After identification of the causes, we develop procedures to ensure the problem does not re-occur and develop reports for ongoing monitoring to a standard that will meet external audit compliance. We have worked with single store to multi-million dollar inventories, multi-branch and mega SKU's.

.: bank covenant reporting

Credit is tight and your bank may be edgy. You may be in a position where re-financing might prove difficult. It is common practice for banks to lend subject to your business/operation meeting certain criteria (covenants). These are often ratios, such as minimum stock turns, a ratio of profit to interest expense, equity levels and current ratios. Your banker may require reporting of your convenants on a frequent basis and you may be experiencing difficulty in terms of extracting that information and understanding it. We can provide you with custom reports that extract the information that your banker requires. However, we will only do so on the basis of your banker approving the reporting design and checking that it meets with their criteria. This is in the best interest of all parties concerned and demonstrates to your banker that you are making a serious effort to meet covenants, understand what meeting those covenants entails and are reporting your results honestly and accurately. We can develop these reporting structures directly from within your business or remotely after having consulted with you.

.: advanced KPI management - retail

Location, store size, product range and display, pricing and quality, staff, customers and marketing are key issues to work through in making your retail business successful. We can identify Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) that are suitable for measuring how your business performs in relation to these factors. Our detailing of KPI results can go right down to a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) level and right up to a Master Matrix. Common KPI's are Gross Profit Margin (GPM), Stock Turns (ST's), Gross Margin Return on Inventory (GMROI). We can display these ratios in such a way that you can make sense of how they interact and how you can tweak your business to improve profitability.

.: management reporting

Formal financial reports, such as a Balance Sheets, Profit/(Loss) Statements, Income Statements, provide informative results in a format that complies with applicable Accounting Standards. That's fine if you are an Accountant or have spent years using them. What you may need are reports that you understand and contain the information that you want to know about. Such as, how many customers did you service today? how much stock did you get through? what are your Key Performance Indicators and how do your results compare to them? where's your money gone? you estimated this project/job would cost a lot, but where do you actually stand? We are familiar with many of the most commonly used software solutions for report writing (such as Crystal, Excel and Access) that you may already own and we can use your existing software to develop the informative reports that you need. We are also adept at working with a variety of databases and are experienced in knowing where to look for the data that you need to compile the reports that suit you.

.: barcoding

If you do not use barcoding for selling, controlling and receiving your stock, we can develop a barcoding system for you and provide advice on the type of equipment you need to scan barcodes and print them out. Issues such as tamper proof labels and labels that can withstand exposure to the elements all need to be considered. You also have the option of using your own barcoding system or using one of the proprietary systems (such as EAN). If you opt for a proprietary system, we are familar with the algorithms involved and can produce your series for you. We are also familiar with Zebra Programming Language (ZPL) used for printing barcodes.

.: web development

We develop web sites that we set up and maintain or we set up and then YOU update whenever you need to? Please email us for a price. Our web site development includes registering you on Google and a number of other key search engines in accordance with web development best practices. This optimizes the chances of your web site being found.

.: custom software solutions

Need a custom software solution tailored to your specific needs? Let us know what you are thinking about and together we should be able to provide you with a solution. We can also provide you with ongoing support for that program. Please contact us for a quotation.

.: dealing with us.

We are as close to you as the screen you are now looking at. With advancements in internet speeds and solutions such as Remote Access, VPN and Skype, we can be in your office having a face to face conversation on this screen. To see how best to contact us and/or ask for a quote on any of the services offered that may be of interest to you click here.

.: terms and conditions of accepting a quotation from us.

We require a 30% deposit of quoted price on acceptance of one of our service, development or consulting quotations. Please feel free to ask us for a quotation as that will cost you nothing.

We listen and act on all comments we receive.

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