Welcome to a fully featured, compliant and simple to use library system!

We have incorporated into our latest version all suggestions received todate. Specifically, these have been to do with acquisition cost, ongoing maintenance fees, budgeting facilities, scanning, catalogues and levels of complexity. This product is suitable for large and small computer systems that are Windows based.

If you have a look at the screen shot below you will notice that it is very different from screens that you are probably used to seeing. It is SIMPLE. All the complex technology is there but out of sight. As such, it is up to the user to extend the level of complexity to suit their particular needs. You will not be bombarded by abbreviations and computer terminology or require a detailed knowledge of where menu items are. There are no menus. Features include:

The combination of complexity and simplicity is a key issue with this product. Secondary schools and Academic libraries require far more complexity in their library needs. On the other hand, many primary schools have limited resources for managing a library and the library terminology, mechanisms and procedures may be unfamiliar to their staff. A lot of thought has been put into designing this product to cater to both scenarios,and more. In addition to library management, financial controls have also been added to provide staff, Registrars, accountants and auditors with a full audit trail on library related acquisition/disposal/stocktake transactions.

To give you some idea on how clever this product is in honing complexity to simplicity, take this example. Conventional accounting systems use five or more screens to cope with purchasing. They use a supplier/vendor screen, then a requisition screen, a purchase order approval screen or process, a receivals screen, and a matching/invoice processing screen. How many screens does our system use to accomplish the same results? ONE.

Please register your interest for a quotaton and/or needs by emailing us at sales@rightforu.com.au The product is designed to work with Microsoft© SQL Server 2005/2008 (as well as Microsoft© Server SQL 2008 Express (a free version) that can be downloaded from Microsoft SQL 2008 ) for its underlaying database structure. What does that mean in real terms? It means the entire system can be run on a free database that is extremely powerful and easily caters to up to 20 users. If you have over 20 users we recommend SQL 2008 Enterprise edition (not free).

We express our gratitude to the schools, library suppliers, government departments, teachers and catalogue suppliers that have provided us with their comments and assistance in the development of this product.

Screen Shot

Check titles/books out screen. Simple, secure, informative and user friendly. Accepts scanned in information.