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How many people visit your web site or blog? Sure, you can put in a hit counter and have a look but it won't tell you much more than you were visited x number of times. If you are into web or blog development, or have site, take a good look at Google Analytics. It's a hit counter that provides you a wealth of information on not only how many hits you had, but also how many pages were visited, bounce rates, time spent on each page and, very importantly, where your hits came from. There is a dashboard to view your results (the map shown below is extracted from our dashboard). All this information is for FREE. If you do proceed with Google Analytics, you need to paste in a bit of their code to each of your pages so they can provide the analytics. Click here to go to Google Analytics

google analytics hit map


When the beta version of Bing was first released we were a bit disappointed with the results. Google was about three times more successful in finding the information that we searched for. In the months since, Bing has definitely improved, possibly as its bots have had more time to search around. The link below will provide you with a tool to make your own mind up. Bing is being released with Windows 7 as the default search engine. Compare Bing to Google


free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button


free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button


free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button

free 3D button

The above buttons are developed by Rightforu Pty Ltd and you are welcome to copy them and use them in your web or blog site. This even applies to commercial sites. The rectangular buttons are all 200 pixels wide by 33 pixels high. The round buttons are 33 by 33 pixels. Copy them directly from this page by right clicking on the button you would like, then saving as a jpg file. Just remember that file pathing is case sensitive on the web. That is, if you call a file TEST.JPG and refer to it as test.jpg in your html code, you will see it on your pc but the picture will not appear on the web. These buttons are all developed with a small white background. You can change the white to your web/blog color background with a simple program like Paint. Similarly, text can be typed onto the buttons with Paint. Don't forget to keep a blank button as a backup as this page changes quite frequently.


Never use cleaning solvents of any kind as they can damage the finish of your computer. To clean dust off screens, a static cloth works well. To remove stubborn dirt on screens, use a very lightly water dampened cloth and then dry with a static cloth. A vacuum cleaner fitted with a brush head is useful for sucking dirt and crumbs out of keyboards. Before you clean a computer make sure its power source (be it a socket or battery backup) is turned off. A small air-compressor, the type used for airbrushing, and fitted with a water vapour collector is extremely useful for clearing dust from both keyboards and tight corners. Do not blow dust into the computer through the fan. If there is a lot of dust near the fan, it's probably time to call in a technician as thick dust on the fan indicates the computer needs to be opened up and cleaned. Unless you are a qualified technician, don't go there as you can receive a severe electric shock.


There is nothing worse than calling in a technician to fix your computer when the fault is the wall outlet being switched off or the power lead unplugged. And, yes, the technicians do make a buck from everytime this happens. Lots of bucks. Although seemingly obvious, loose and unplugged leads are a common cause of failures. If your monitor is not working, check leads are tightly plugged in and power is on both from the outlet and on the monitor itself. Barcode scanners are particularly prone to their lead becoming loose.


Meta Tags are key words/phrases put in the source code of web pages for search engines to find. Or, at least, they were. Apparently Google is no longer using Meta Tags (other than Title tag) in determining where they put your web page in their searches. The description tag is definitely relevant but there are reports that Google are not placing much emphasis on the keywords tag. We recommend that you keep using Meta Tags as many other search engines do use them. If you want to look at the source code of a web page, go to your internet tools options and look for a menu option entitled "View Source Code". Viewing the source code (this is a look see facility, not access to a web site's code) will give you some insight into how they are developed and, while you're at it, have a look for the Meta Tag section. It's usually up near the top.

TIPS FOR SciPhone i68+

With the advent of the iPhone, a Chinese "version" has been produced called the SciPhone. It uses a different operating system to the iPhone, but will accept Java. Although slim, it isn't quite as thin as an iPhone. The one I bought cost US$94 (including postage) on ebay. Cheap, but also no where near the quality of an iPhone. It will pretty much work anywhere in the world having GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz. I believe that Shenzen Bluelans Communication Co may produce the original Sciphone but copies are rampant. I am almost certain that the phone I have is a copy, despite it carrying Sciphone branding internally. It claims many features, not all of which work or are present. Don't dismiss it too quickly though.

The camera on my phone is meant to be 2 Megapixels. It isn't. It takes a low quality picture outside, and is of little use inside as it has no flash. The FM radio on my phone does not work either. Haven't tried the video recorder, but don't expect much. Ring tones are pretty basic. Touch screen can be fairly unresponsive at times. That's the bad news.

On the up side I've found texting very easy, reception good and conversations clear. Large touch screen for dialling and a good address book (for my purposes). Cartoon videos for kids work fine. It has dual sim capability and can carry up to a 8Gb SD card. Plays MP3 music, and MP4 or 3GP videos. Battery life has been fine so far.

Tips: Numerous comments on the web about removing the back cover. Put on a rubber glove, press down and slide it downwards. You need the rubber glove or similar to get a good grip on it. When new, it can be hard to slide off and the oil on your fingers is enough to make life very frustrating. It have numerous menus and no indication that more exist out of sight. Use the toggle button on the top left side of the phone to scroll down to features that are not visible on screen.



A new search engine that shows promise is on the horizon. It has yet to be released. We think this search engine may be an interesting start up as they are being extremely careful about the release. Wowd are apparently working on a cloud basis with deep link searching. Users also apparently share their web history to assist with relevancy ranking. We're not sure that sharing where we have all gone on our personal journeys in the web is a great idea and any requirement to download an application (program) to run the search engine would also be a handicap. There's your heads up on Wowd though. Sign up with Wowd to become one of the first to experience it.


Google have a "Local Business Center" facility in amongst their web development and analytics tools. Overlook this and you do so at your peril. It links your business (or other enterprise) to Google Maps. Registration is quite easy, just have a picture or logo at the ready to upload to jazz up your free listing. If you are on the go and want your mobile/cell phone to appear as the primary contact number on the abbreviated listing, have Google sms your activation key to that number. Alternatively, Google make an instaneous call to your work phone number with an activation code if your want your business to show a static number. They even offer a postal activation, not quite sure why though.


The short answer is no. All the search engines worth their salt will find you. Local or small search engines that are incapable of keeping up to date with the web still need you to submit your url to them.


If you experience this error "could not perform this operation because the default mail client is not properly installed" then you are probably using Windows Vista and/or Internet Explorer 6 or 7. At the time of writing, Microsoft haven't developed a fix as far as we can tell. You would have experienced this problem on numerous web sites and may have resorted to cut and pasting the email address directly into your email header. Try this for a solution. In your Internet Explorer (you are probably on it now), click on Tools on the menu bar, then Internet Options, then select the Programs tab, then Set Programs button, then Set your default programs, then choose your mail program (e.g. Windows Mail), click on Set this program as default and finally click on the OK button. Hopefully, this will make your life a whole lot easier!