Sport Safe

Lake Joondalup Archery Club provides the opportunity to partcipate in a low impact sport that insurance companies rate as less dangerous than golf 9. Archery is one of the few sports that is suitable for all ages, genders, levels of physical ability and seasons 1. Joining us enables you to be active physically, mentally and socially. We recognise that an unsafe environment has the potential to negatively impact on the health and well-being of our members and students and therefore have the following measures in place to prevent injury and promote safety 59.

Practical Prevention of Injuries

  • When setting targets up check the field for trip hazards 36.
  • Before commencement of archery, danger signs and bunting must be in place 61.
  • A minimum 50m over-shoot safety zone must be behind the furthest target 36.
  • Shooting is controlled by the Director of Shooting and Range Safety Officer. For further information see Range Safety .
  • All student archers MUST wear an armguard. See Common Archery Injuries for further information on this subject. In addition to an armguard, finger tabs and chest guard may be required 36.
  • In addition to instruction in the sport of archery, our accredited Archery Instructors teach students warm up exercises that specifically cater to the muscle groups used in archery 60.
  • All student archers shall receive instruction in range safety before commencement of shooting 36.
  • Members are encouraged to wear full track suits in cold conditions, particularly before commencing archery to ensure that muscles are kept warm. Stretching and warm up exercises are also recommended 60.
  • When approaching a target to retrieve arrows, approach the target from the side, taking care not to trip over arrows that may be protruding from the ground 36.
  • When pulling arrows out of the target, the retriever should ensure that nobody is standing within 1m directly behind him/her so as to aviod striking anyone with the back of an arrow 36.
  • When scoring, keep well back from protruding arrows to avoid the rear of arrows coming into contact with the face 36.
  • Use an arrow puller if arrows prove difficult to remove. Seek assistance when pulling stuck arrows.

Kids Safe

  • A child is defined as a person under the age of 18 according to the WA Working With Children (Criminal Record Checking) Bill 2004 "child".
  • Kids aged 14 (a "minor") and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times when at the club.
  • Archery Instructors must hold a Working with Children Clearance and/or be a parent of a child who is a member of the club, or meet exemption criteria.
  • In addition to parental supervision, kids under 14 are to remain under the supervision of an accredited Archery Instructor, the Director of Shooting or a Committee member at all times whilst they are at the club.
  • A parent or guardian of a minor(s) leaving the club grounds, for ANY period or ANY reason, must take the minor(s) with them.
  • For further information on working with children clearances in Western Australia see Fact Sheet.
  • Click here to go to the Western Australian Working With Children website.

Maintenance of Equipment

  • Before issuing club bows to student archers, the limbs and riser should be checked for cracking, the bow string and servings for signs of wear, the nocking point is secure and central, a no-gloves fitted if the bow is recurve, or a release aid is issued if the bow is a compound with a draw weight in excess of 12lbs. All club bows must have an arrow rest fitted 36.
  • Club arrows must be straight, fletched, tipped and nocked before issue to student archers. Depending on student numbers, students shall be issued with hip quivers in preference to ground quivers 36.
  • Target butts should have centres repacked as they become worn out 36. Old boiler suits have proved to be an ideal packing material. Danage target centres should be replaced as necessary.
  • Members should check their equipment, in accordance with manufacturer's instructions, before commencement of archery 61. At all tournaments, an accredited Judge will inspect your bow, release aid and arrows for safety and compliance.

Protective Equipment

The following should be worn when participating in the sport of archery:

  • Closed in footwear 61.
  • An armguard 61.
  • Finger tabs, a release aid, or a shooting glove, i.e something that will prevent direct contact between the bow string and fingers 61.
  • Sun glasses when collecting arrows.
  • A chest guard if necessary 61.
  • A quiver, arrows should not be carried in hands when walking back from the target.
  • A hat.

The club provides, as a benefit of membership:

  • A SunSmart compliant legionnaire peaked cap to compound archers.
  • A SunSmart compliant bucket hat to recurve archers (most recurve archers are unable to wear a peak cap as the peak makes contact with the bow string).
  • A tube of SPF 30+ sports suncreen for inclusion into the archer's quiver.
  • A good quality armguard.

Ongoing Education

  • Each year, we offer members the opportunity to become qualified Archery Instructors through Archery Australia, with course fees covered by the club. This course produces instructors that are trained in injury prevention and conducting the sport of archery in a safe manner. The course also covers instructing disabled individuals participating in archery. As such, this course is specific to the sport that we are engaged in.
  • The Western Australian Department of Sports and Recreation offer free on-line generic courses in introductory coaching and officiating. These courses also cover issues that make a club a safer environment (such as warm up and RICE). Importantly, the introductory course in officiating covers dispute resolution. A certificate is issued after completion of an on-line exam.
  • For those members that don't require to hold a current Firt Aid certificate as part of their employment, they are available through St John's Ambulance (fees apply). We encourage all members to hold a current First Aid certificate.
  • Sports Medicine Australia also offer generic courses, including on-line courses, that attract fees. We encourage members to participate in these courses.

First Aid and Emergencies

  • Children 14 and under MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. In case of an emergency, a child needs a parent around. Obvious, but often forgotten.
  • An ice pack should be on hand to treat soft tissue bow slap injuries. If an ice pack is not available, the drinking fountains have refrigerated water that can be used as an alternative for treatment of soft tissue injuries.
  • At all times, a member will be in attendance who is qualified in First Aid.
  • A First Aid kit is stored, and readily accessible in the club shed.
  • A record of ANY first aid and/or medical treatment provided must be kept.
  • Dial 000 in event of emergency. Follow operator's instructions.
  • Ambulance and Fire Engine access is via St Stephens Crescent, Tapping, canteen entrance.
  • Muster area in the event of a fire is on the playing field.
  • Fire wardens are Instructors wearing flourescent lime green safety vests. In the event of a building fire the only rooms we have access to are the Toilet and club shed. These should be checked and vacated.

Archery Australia Safety Policy

We also adhere to Archery Australia's Safety Policy.

Sun Smart

Lake Joondalup Archery Club recognises that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation has potential negative health effects and therefore supports sun safe practices to minimise exposure. UV radiation peaks between 10.00am and 3.00pm 59. We are generally active between 8.30am and midday. Tournaments at other clubs that we compete at can last from 8.00am to 4.00pm. FITA tourament rules require outdoor events to be conducted without the benefits of any shelter 36.

SLIP on protective clothing

  • The standard club shirt is collared, and white. Long trousers, or shorts, can be worn (black or beige). We recommend that long trousers be worn.
  • We also recommend wearing Skins, year round, under short sleeved shirts. Skins are available from many local sports clothing stores.
  • Covered in shoes are required, this is mandatory.

SLOP on sunscreen

  • Slop on SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen liberally to dry exposed skin, at least 20 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours when outdoors.
  • Members are supplied with a tube of 30+ sunscreen that should be stored in their quivers.
  • There is a large 30+ sunscreen dispenser in the club shed for students and spectators to use.

SLAP on hat

  • Members should wear the sunsmart hats they are supplied with. These shade the face, neck and ears.
  • We ask that students archers attend with hats, see Come and Try for further information on this policy.

SEEK shade

  • The club has extensive undercover shaded areas and we train in the shade whenever possible.
  • A portable gazebo is available for when we are at other venues with limited, or no shade.
  • When at other clubs, seek shade under trees or shelters.

SLIDE on sunglasses

  • We appreciate that not everyone can shoot with sunglasses.
  • Some archers "store" their sunglasses on the hat's brim, or cap's peak, or tripod stand.
  • We recommend wearing sunglasses when retrieving arrows.

We encourage our top archers, Archery Instructors and parents to be SunSmart role models.

Archery Australia's policy on Heat Stress can be downloaded here.

Smoke Free

Lake Joondalup Archery Club recognises that smoke free environments protect non-smokers from the harmful effects of tobacco smoke and contribute to reducing tobacco consumption levels. The club encourages members to quit smoking (if they smoke) and discourages the uptake of smoking, particularly by young people 59.

  • We are situated on a school campus. As such there in no area for a smoker to smoke. If you are a smoker, please don't bring cigarettes down with you.
  • All official functions (including dinners, receptions, presentations, fundraising events, meetings, and social occasions) are smoke free events 59.
  • If you are a smoker, and absolutely cannot resist the urge for a cigarette, then you will need to do so off campus.
  • We want our members to be healthy. If you are a smoker we hope that joining us will help you quit.
  • Seek advice from your doctor, pharmacy or ring the Quit Line (131 848) if you need help giving up smoking.

Drug Free

Lake Joondalup Archery Club has atheletes that currently compete at a State, National and International level. It is our hope that these archers will go on to represent Australia at the Commonwealth Games and the Olympics. Strict anti-doping policies exist at all these events.

  • See FITA's anti doping policy here.
  • See Archery Australia's anti doping policy here.
  • The use of illicit and performance enhancing drugs is not be allowed at any activities or events, or in any areas under the control of the club 59.
  • The club abides by the WA Government Drugs in Sport legislation and the Australian Sport Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) legislation 59.
  • Athletes known to have consumed illicit drugs will not be permitted to participate in training or events 61.
  • Use of illicit drugs is not be glamorised by our club 59.

Healthy Eating

Lake Joondalup Archery Club understands the importance of good nutrition and the role it plays in the maintenance of good health and well-being. The club, whilst not running a canteen, recognises that choosing healthy foods encourages healthy eating habits that helps to prevent ill health 59. We encourage our athletes to enjoy a healthy balanced diet.

  • Food and beverage vouchers and giveaways will only be given for healthy options 59.
  • The club will only support fundraising activities involving food or drink items that meet the club’s food and catering policy guidelines 59.
  • Appropriate training will be available for paid staff and volunteers e.g. Food Safe Food Handling Program 59.
  • Food and drinks offered by the club or by food suppliers under the club’s governance will comply with the WA Department of Education School Canteen Traffic Light System 59.
  • Where food and drinks are provided ‘on site’ by providers contracted by the club:
    1. Compliance with the policy will be a condition of any food supply or catering contract and related leases 59.
    2. Compliance with the policy will be included in any contracts or related leases renegotiated or renewed 59.

Drink Safe,

Although Lake Joondalup Archery Club has never had an event where a Liquor Licence has been required, if in the future such an event takes place it will ensure the responsible service of alcohol and supporting and promoting strategies to minimise harm from alcohol use. We recognize the harm excessive alcohol can have on our athletes' health and their standing in our community as a whole. The club ensures compliance with all relevant policy guidelines constructed by the WA Director of Liquor Licensing 59. The serving of alcohol:

  • No more than two alcoholic beverages will be served to an individual at any time 59.
  • Alcohol consumption by parents, coaches/instructors and other influential personnel will be discouraged particularly where young people are involved 59.
  • The availability of alcohol will be restricted to suitable and appropriate times e.g. a launch or post event function 59.
  • Drinks will be served in standard size drink portions and plastic containers will be encouraged at events, particularly outdoor events 59.
  • The irresponsible use of alcohol will not be glamorised or promoted and there will be no external advertising of the availability of alcohol e.g. promotional signage, tickets 59.
  • No alcohol is to be served or consumed on the range at any time 61.
  • If a member or archery student is suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, the DOS, Archery Instructor or any Committee member must prevent that person from participating 61.

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