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We are based in ILUKA, Western Australia, near the state's capital city, Perth. Rightforu Pty Ltd (ACN 135 012 618 - ABN 17 135 012 618) is an Australian company incorporated in the state of Western Australia. Gordon Pikes (CEO) is a Registered Agent of the Australian Investments and Securities Commission - registration number 8479.

We are as close to you as the computer that you have in front of you. This is possible thanks to advancements in technology. We can communicate with you via telephone, email, remote access or Skype. If you are not familiar with Skype, it permits either chat or face to face conversations. See our Contact Us page for further details.

We are approached by various parties seeking development of products to suit a variety of needs. These include personal and corporate budgeting, retail management solutions, school library systems and small to medium accounting programs. The common denominators for these requests appear to stem from the complexity and cost of current systems. These costs not only relate to high acquisition and ongoing maintenance costs, but also to the cost of underlaying structures and databases.

Creating simplicity is a complex business. We estimate that about 80% of our development effort goes into making our screens non-confronting, simple to use but at the same time, functional. The quality of the results of any application are entirely dependent on the quality of data input. Enter inaccurate or faulty information, and the results reflect that same level of inaccuracy. When you experience using one of our products, you will appreciate the effort we have put into ensuring ease of use and data accuracy.

We have, equally, put considerable effort into reducing costs relating to the purchase, maintenance and associated charges relating to the use of our products. To that end, we are confident that our customers will be extremely pleased with both the functionality and cost of our offer.

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Thanks to the informative reporting that Google Analytics provide, we know that about 4,000 people visit our web site every month. Countries that make up our top ten visitors are Australia, USA, Thailand, UK, Isreal, Honk Kong, Brazil, Taiwan, India and Indonesia. This just goes to show what a global community we live in. So a big HELLO to you out there, wherever you may be.

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