We write websites that the end user can either self-manage or we can maintain.

  • SCHOOLS - informative, student/teacher interactive, extra-curriculum activities, canteen menus, useful links, parent/teacher consultation, calendars, online newsletters.
  • RETAIL - attractive graphics, simple to use, on-line shopping with PayPal, world wide access by your customers, freight issues, terms and conditions of sale
  • RESOURCES - mining, marine services, oil and gas, engineering, quality control, safety, human resources and recruitment, tenders, sub-contractors, equipment hire.
  • OTHER - clubs, associations, blogs.

All websites that we develop meet W3C Standards and display compliance logos. They are cross-browser compatible.

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Library Systems

We have developed a revolutionary new library software application for schools. When we say revolutionary, we mean just that. Screens "evolve" to suit as the user progresses with whatever task they are tackling. Once again, we have planned this project to maintain our company philosophy of twice the quality for half the price. This is an extremely complex project and we thank the government departments, schools, library suppliers, catalogue providers and individuals that have contributed their thoughts and needs to us. To see more about this project, please go to our library software page. We continue to develop this product as new ideas and feature requests come to our attention.


Thanks to the informative reporting that Google Analytics provide, we know that about 4,000 people visit our web site every month. Countries that make up our top ten visitors are Australia, USA, Thailand, UK, Isreal, Honk Kong, Brazil, Taiwan, India and Indonesia. This just goes to show what a global community we live in. So a big HELLO to you out there, wherever you may be.

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